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Thank you for your interest; GriffCom offers a wide variety of services for your home or small business. We specialize in network infrastructure installation and maintenance as well as Network Consulting for your existing network.We cater to home and small to medium sized businesses . We can also recccomend cost effective VoIP solutions for your home or business. PBX services with integrated VoIP service can also be installed.

Unable to get internet in your area? We can advise you what satellite internet would be best for you. This service is not limited by your local carriers geographical layout, and only needs a clear view of the western sky. Satellite internet is ideal for remote locations and can provide a three hitter by offering internet, TV and VoIP phone service in one unit/package. There are many different satellite internet providers and we will be happy to consult you on the many major providers to assist in expatiated service. We also install all neccessary wiring, dishes and equiptment to get you up and running in a breeze.




In Today's society with the growing crime rate we have ventured into Alarm Systems for your home and Business as well as Digital Video Recorders (DVR) to give you peace of mind when you leave your home unattended. With the option to have mostion activated events emailed to you or watch your home live via your computer or smart phone. Our alarm systems also have no monthly cost associated as when it is activated it contacts you.



At GriffCom we provide a premium CCTV Remote Monitoring security service to commercial and residential properties throughout the Bahamas.

Our solution detects unauthorised and criminal activity at the earliest possible stage. If an intruder attacks, detection devices will be triggered and your live CCTV images will be transmitted to our 24-hour Remote Video Monitoring Center. Our Operators visually confirm the cause of alarm and take necessary action, including issuing audio warnings to deter criminal activity before it happens as well as contacting the Royal Bahamas Police Force on your behalf. Visually confirming events means that reporting false activations to the police are very much a thing of the past. Due to our confirmation process Police arrive quickly due to a confirmed burgulary attempt. Most CCTv owners don't have the luxury of watch thier home or business for 24 hours and seven days, let us take that burden from you and give you a new found peace of mind.


Computer Repair


Computer repair can also be requested for home or business. This can involve cleaning of slow and unresponsive computers, computer upgrades, software installation and custom built computers. In regards to the repair of computers they can either be dropped off to our designated drop off store or we can provide in home service for an additional charge. Our technicians are A+ certified and have a minimum of 5 years experience in repairing computers; so rest assured that your issues will be resolved no matter how adverse your problems are.



We also specialize in Web design and maintenance. If you would like to see a few of the web sites that were designed by us please free to contact us via the contact form and we will be more than happy to provide you with the links. Our prices vary according to the type of web page you want. We design simple web pages to fully animated flash web pages.