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Our Alarm systems are one of our best sellers simply because they pay for themselves within a year. With complete protection of all areas of your home, business and yacht you can rest assured that a GriffCom systems keeps you covered at all times. With a unique self monitoring system when the alarm is triggered it automatically calls you or any additional five stored numbers to notify them of the intrusion. Don’t have a phone line or your location is in a remote area, no worries we have systems with built in GSM modules to utilize local; Cellular networks. Water Level sensors also add an additional sense of security for you boat or Yacht. Be notified before it’s too late and safe your priceless possession before it takes on too much water. Below are a few of our systems as well as a few of their additional components.

Our Basic GCS 100 Alarm system comes with (5) five window / door sensors and indoor siren and (2) two pet immune motion sensors and two portable keypad remote controls. With the built in self monitoring feature you will be alerted the minute your alarm system is activated. This system can also add up to 32 additional components or zones.    

Starting Price $ 350.00


GCS 200 Alarm System

System Features

  • (1) wireless keypad w.auto-dialer( 2012 model ).
    (4) pet immnue wireless motion detectors( up to 130lb ).
    (15) AAS wireless door window sensors.
    (4) AAS wireless remote controllers.

All systems can add additional Components

Starting price $440.00


GCSM Cellular GSM Alarm System for Boat & Home

No land line, no problems these GSM systems can help you. They are one of our top sellers especially for those who own boats. All systems can add any additional components to best suit your particular enviroment. included:


(1) GSM Cellular Wireless Digital Keypad with Auto-Dialer ( 2013 Model )
(1) wireless strobe siren.
(1) wireless smoking detector.
(2) wireless water level detector.
(5) wireless door window sensors.
(2) wireless remote controllers. (1) Motion detector

Starting price $589.99




Outdoor Waterproof Horn Siren

Alert your neighbors of a burglary, fire or gas leak with this loud wireless, outdoor siren [116db]. Built for the outdoors (but can be used indoors) to withstand the elements. This unit is calibrated to work with all of the GCS Alarm Systems, just plug it into an AC outlet with the siren's power adapter and it's ready.



Second Entry Keypad

This portable wireless keypad will allow you to arm, disarm and partially arm [Home mode] your alarm system from any room in your home. You keep your basic central unit in a closet where it's inaccessible to burglars and keep this portable unit by your entrance door or garage. If you have a multi-floor dwelling you can keep a portable unit on the second floor or near your bed. Your basic central unit needs to be near phone lines and power source but with this portable unit you have complete flexibility.



Luxury Outdoor Siren w.strobe

This is our loudest and most powerful siren. Perfect outdoors and in; chase intruders out of your home and away from your property with blinding strobe lights and blasting siren wails. The perfect complement to your AAS Wireless Alarm System. Loud 130db piercing siren will notify your neighbors and scare your burglars, plug it into your AC power source and it's ready




Ceiling Motion Detector with 360º Coverage

This wireless passive infrared ceiling intruder detector will protect an entire room reducing the need for window and door sensors. The sensor mounts on the ceiling and has a 360 degree range. The higher the ceiling, the wider the area of coverage. Very suitable for warehouses with tall ceilings and large area to cover. Home Owners will only need one Ceiling Motion Detector to cover a room. Mounting materials included. This unique motion detector will work with all of the Griffcom line of Wireless Alarm Systems. Maximum open range detection is 300M. Powered by Heavy duty 9 Volt battery for long life. Less susceptible to environmental sources of false alarms which standard PIR motion detectors are prone to.




Pet Immune Passive Infrared Motion Detector

Features wide angel Fresnel lens elements with high detection sensitivity, our smart pet immune motion sensor is pet tolerant for animals up to 25 lbs. this pet immune motion has duel element PIR with intelligent microchip designed to greatly reduce false alarms. Temper proof cover ( unit transmits if cover is removed). The unit will flash when batteries are running low. Superior white light noise rejection. LED also doubles as walk test mode activation button. Powered by 9A battery. Detect range up to 10 meters at 100 degree wide angle.




Active Photoelectric Beam Motion Detector

Secure your perimeter with this sensor If you have a large backyard, a ranch, storage lot, or protect your driveway and front yard, avoid property damage. GCS wireless active photoelectric beam motion detector is ac powered. Easy installation: Mount the transmitter and receiver evenly up to 50 feet apart from each other, and your laser beam fence is now in operation. The point to point sensor was built to avoid false alarms, such as wind, leaves falling, or small objects passing through the system so only intruders will cause an alert.




Electronic Window and Door Sensor

Use to protect the openings for both windows and doors. Once window or door is opened, the magnetic switch inside the sensor will trip which will set the alarm system off.





Glass Break Detector

This Glass Breaking Detector takes advantage of the latest advancement in artificial intelligence. It is able to distinguish between the sounds made by lightning, people sneezing, a pet bird squawking, and actual glass breaking.




Wireless Remote Controller Key Fob with Panic Button

Use it to arm and disarm your system, enter or exit your home, yacht or business. Just by pressing the buttons on the keychain.



Water Level Detector

This is an excellent addition to the Cellular GSM RV and Boat Alarm System and provides you with a Wireless Bilge High Water Level Warning System. This Water Detector will monitor water level and will send a wireless signal to GCS Cellular GSM Alarm System which will alert you by siren and phone call when the water level reaches a pre-determined level indicating High Water. This detector can also be set up to alert you of water leaks in your basement



Range Motion Detector

These wireless outdoor/indoor motion detectors work as a pair to provide your GCS Burglar Alarm System with comprehensive home security protection Protect the perimeter of your home and property with the wireless range motion detectors. These weather-resistant, humidity and sunlight resistant, animal resistant passive infrared motion detectors will pick up all human motion that passes between them [and they can be more than 180 feet apart]. You will be instantly alerted and intruders will be scared off before they can come close to your residence or business and they can be used indoors as well. Very effective even at a good distance. Works with all Griffcom Alarm Systems. Great for protecting large spaces such as factories and outer wall intrusions.